More Information

The following documents and web sites provide more information about the Carp River and its watershed.

2004 Carp River Watershed/Subwatershed Study (PDF) – an in-depth report of the state of the Carp River conducted by the City of Ottawa.  This file does not contain the maps, which are available only at some public libraries.

City of Ottawa Carp River Watershed/Subwatershed Study – a link to the city’s information about the Watershed/Subwatershed Study and the timeline for its use in the Kanata West development (aka the Carp River Restoration Area).

Carp River – a link to MVCA’s information about the river.

City Stream Watch reports – a link to health assessments of Carp River tributaries conducted since 2013:  Huntley Creek, Poole Creek, Feedmill Creek, and Corkery Creek.  There is also a report on Carp Creek, which is the upper Carp River.

Carp River Restoration – an independent site dedicated to information about the Carp River Restoration Area in Kanata.

Oakleigh Restoration – a 2016 article in Ducks Unlimited Canada’s magazine about the state of their  wetland restoration at Oakleigh two year’s later.

Fishing the Carp River – an angler’s atlas showing what’s been caught in the river.