Great White Egret

The Carp River is “Ottawa’s little river”, the only river, including its tributaries, to flow entirely within the city’s boundaries.

Like most of Ottawa, it’s suburban and rural.  Approximately 42 km long, it flows from Glen Cairn into Arcadia in Kanata and then through agricultural lands and the villages of Carp, Kinburn, and Fitzroy Harbour in West Carleton where it empties into the Ottawa River at Fitzroy Provincial Park just below Chats Falls.

This Ribbon of Life supports a diversity of wildlife and offers recreational enjoyment.  The river is a critical wildlife corridor, connecting suburban habitat to larger rural natural areas.   In spring and fall it can be paddled; in cold winters, it becomes a snowmobile and ski corridor.

We have supported the river since 1997, promoting sustainable shoreline practices, restoration, education, and public events that increase knowledge of and appreciation for the river.  Explore our site to learn more about Ottawa’s little river and contact us if you’d like to get involved.