Carp River Water Quality Data

The City of Ottawa has been monitoring twenty (20) water quality parameters at six sites along the Carp River and its tributaries for many years, as far back as 1998 at some sites for some parameters.

Graduate student Sean O’Hare of Stittsville volunteered his time to graph some of the key characteristics for us.  Sean is working on his Masters in Environmental Law and Policy.  He has studied Environmental Science and has a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture.

There are some gaps in measurement dates and some anomalies in the data.  We have left these in.  The red lines indicate the trend line, although the anomalous data points may affect the trend.  We have graphed all the data available for seven key parameters at each site.

Graphs for each of the above sites are available on separate web pages.

Information about the parameters we have graphed is available here.

Information about the source of data is available here.