Carp River Remediation Project Study 2002-2003

A partnership between the Friends of the Carp River, the Community, and Landowners to address ecological improvement, public interests, and landowner goals.


In 2002, the Friends of the Carp River obtained a $50,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to conduct an assessment on the feasibility of a restoration project for a triangular block of privately owned land that includes 1400m of the Carp River between the March and Carp Road Bridges.

The Friends, landowners and other Carp residents formed a team, who identified a number of project objectives including:

  • Re-establish the natural morphological characteristics of the river segment;
  • Manage storm water runoff and sediment loading;
  • Improve fish, aquatic and wetland habitats;
  • Improve water quality;
  • Reduce the suitability of existing aquatic habitats for geese; and
  • Reduce the extent/duration of flooding on existing farmland.

Conceptual Plan

The outcome of Phase 1 was a concept plan selected from four alternatives. The plan includes:

  • A realigned river corridor;
  • Wetlands for water absorption and filtering;
  • Pools and ponds to provide habitat, storm water management, and recreation;
  • Tree and shrub planting in riparian and terrestrial zones;
  • Farmland enhancement through increased elevation;
  • A recreation trail that connects to the village; and
  • An optional parking area with educational signage.

Phase II of the project was to seek community support, develop community partnerships, and prepare detailed engineering plans in preparation for implementation in Phase III.  Unfortunately funding was not obtained for Phase II.  However, we continue to work with community leaders to explore options for upgrading and making this reach of the river accessible.

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