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The Friends of the Carp River is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by local volunteers who are dedicated to stewardship of the Ribbon of Life.

Why Support Us?

The Carp River is “Ottawa’s own”:  the only river, including its tributaries, to flow entirely within the City’s boundaries.

Together with its main tributaries (Poole Creek, Huntley Creek, Corkery Creek, and Feedmill Creek), the Carp River sustains a Ribbon of Life almost 100 kilometres long across Stittsville, Kanata South, Kanata North, West Carleton, and Rideau-Goulbourn.  

The river’s Ribbon of Life enriches the lives of Ottawa’s residents.

  • The water from the Carp River and its tributaries empties into the Ottawa River. Its wetlands play an important role in protecting the quality of City’s drinking water.
  • It offers recreation:  pathways, fishing, bird watching, canoeing/kayaking, and snowmobile corridors.
  • It provides habitat for wildlife, including species at risk like the Blanding’s turtle and Snapping turtle.
  • Its wetlands and floodplains store, release, and filter water with the seasonal rhythm of winter snow pack, spring freshet, and summer drought.

Learn about our current projects.

Carp Riverwalk – The development of a trail along the river in Carp.

Carp River Living Classroom – Friends of the Carp River and partners are developing a wetland discovery and education experience, providing an opportunity to connect, understand and appreciate the value of the natural environment. 

How You Can Support Us

There are many ways you can support our Ribbon of Life stewardship activities:

Become a Supporter

Joining the Friends of the Carp River as a Supporter means you want to belong to a group that is actively improving the river’s Ribbon of Life and how we experience it.  You want to support the organization’s activities and make a local, but still significant contribution to climate action. 

You can provide funding support at any level:  $10, $20, $50, or any amount you wish. Becoming a Supporter is on an individual basis.

Learn more about How to Become a Supporter.

As a Supporter, you are interested in getting updates and invitations to special events, and being consulted on some of the projects. At any time, you may decide to volunteer or donate to specific projects, but that is entirely up to you.  

Become a Member

Joining the Friends of the Carp River as a Member means that in addition to supporting our activities and projects, you are also interested in setting the direction of the organization.  You can attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting where we elect board directors, approve financial statements and budgets, and discuss our plans. 

Membership costs $25, is on an individual basis, and runs for a calendar year.

Learn more about How to Become Member.

As a Member, you are interested in getting updates, getting invitations to special events and being consulted on some of the projects. At any time, you may decide to volunteer or donate to specific projects, but that is entirely up to you. 

People who wish to support the Carp River and receive a charitable receipt can donate to the Mississippi Valley Conservation Foundation.  MVCF can accept cash, securities, and bequests.   Please see the the MVCF web site for details.

The Friends of the Carp River is a non-profit organization, but not a registered charity.   We welcome contributions of any amount, but cannot provide a receipt for tax purposes. To receive a tax receipt, please donate to MVCF and direct your gift to the Carp River.


A donation of time is a valuable contribution to a volunteer organization.  Learn more about How to Volunteer here.