Citizen Science

You can contribute to knowledge about the flora and fauna that live in and near the Carp River and its tributaries by using citizen science apps like iNaturalist and eBird.


iNaturalist is an international citizen science application for recording data about nature observations.  It has an app that can be downloaded to your smart phone or you can take photos on a camera and upload them to your computer.  You must become a member with a login to record your observations.  Take a picture of what you see and where you see it.  Enter it into iNaturalist, which will offer identification suggestions based on its machine learning image recognition software.  When you upload your observation, it will be automatically associated with one or more of our Carp River projects depending on where your observation was located.

We have seven projects in iNaturalist:

  1.  Carp River Watershed – This is an umbrella project that aggregates all of the observations from the five collection projects.  It covers the Carp River and three tributaries:  Poole Creek, Huntley Creek, and Feedmill Creek.
  2. Carp River – Ribbon of Life – This project captures observations along the whole 42 km length of the Carp River, from Glen Cairn to Fitzroy Harbour.
  3. Carp River Conservation Area – This project captures observations in the northern half of the restoration area between Richardson Side Road and Highway 417.  This project supports the Carp River Living Classroom.
  4. Poole Creek – This project captures observations along Poole Creek from Stittsville to the restoration area south of Highway 417 where the creek empties into the river.
  5. Huntley Creek – This projects captures observations along Huntley Creek from its source in wetlands north of Highway 7 to its terminus in the river near Huntmar Drive.
  6. Feedmill Creek – This project captures observations along Feedmill Creek from a small wetland in Kanata to its terminus in the river at the Conservation Area.
  7. Corkery Creek – This project captures observations along the main water course called Corkery Creek from its inception in a wetland south of March Road to where it empties into the Carp River near Old Coach Road.

You can join any of these projects as a member to get regular updates.

Observation Map in the Carp River Watershed project in iNaturalist.


eBird Canada has many Carp River related hot spots for recording bird observations.  You can view the lists of the latest sightings.  Add your own sightings to eBird if you have an account.  Here are just a few Carp River hot spots in eBird:

Kanata – Carp River Watershed Reclamation Area – north of Hwy 417.

Kanata – Carp River Restoration – north of Hwy 417.

Kanata – Didsbury Road – north of the Hwy 417.

Ottawa – Carp River at Palladium – south of Hwy 417.

Carp River – southeast of Carp – near the village of Carp.