In fall 2017, third year Carleton University Environmental Science students completed their project about the Carp River Restoration area along Terry Fox Drive in Kanata.  The students prepared a short video about the site, which can be viewed in the link below.  The view shown in the link is from a point halfway along the restored river, looking north from over the Queensway.  Terry Fox Drive is to the right.

Compare the Carp River Restoration area in fall 2017 to this drone video taken in April 2019.

We found this 15 minute video showing a paddle from John Shaw Road down to Fitzroy Harbour during the 2011 spring runoff in April.  Note the strong current and white water conditions.  The river is very shallow in places and only navigable in this reach during high water.

In May 2012 the Friends of the Carp River, along with staff of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, undertook an exploratory journey down the Carp River to view the health of its riparian ecosystem. This section shows the paddlers coming from the bridge at March Road heading north towards the village of Carp.