Carp Riverwalk Now Open

The Carp Riverwalk is officially open!  The gate by the Diefenbunker guard house and the gate below the Mess Hall are open so you can walk right from the village! Thank you to all the volunteers and a special thanks to Councillor Eli El-Chantiry, Judy Makin at the Huntley Community Association, and Julian Romeskie with Friends of the Carp River for supporting this project.

Dogs on leash. Poop & scoop. No motorized vehicles.

Map and signs at the Craig Side Road parking lot gate.

To download a map and to learn more about the Riverwalk, visit our Carp Riverwalk web page.

Learn how you can Support the Riverwalk.

Gate by the Diefenbunker Guard House
Julian bushhogs the Trail.

Carp Riverwalk Update

On Sunday, Councillor Eli El-Chantiry joined Friends of the Carp River and the Huntley Community Association for a short stroll on the future Carp Riverwalk.  Plans are underway to begin phase one:  mowing a short trail loop and a long trail loop. Soon we will be able to walk it and, in a few weeks, snowshoe and cross-country ski on it!  Stay tuned for updates.

Learn more about the Riverwalk.

It was a Great Day to Enjoy the Carp Winter Carnival Snowshoe/Ski Event

Clark Gravelle enjoyed snowshoeing during the Carnival.

Saturday, February 29 dawned cold, but clear with a fresh layer of snow on the field below the Diefenbunker. Volunteers had groomed a snowshoe track and ski tracks on Friday, plowed the ball diamond parking lot, and picked up rented snowshoes at MEC to loan for free to those without them.  We were ready for HCA’s Winter Carnival!

Bright, sunny weather and the chili contest brought a crowd of people to the Mess Hall around noon.  Many people enjoyed the trail throughout the day using their own equipment.  In the afternoon 36 people signed out snowshoes, 19 adults, 17 children.  A number of people had never snowshoed, so we were glad they had the opportunity to try it out.

Friends of the Carp River supported the event to raise awareness of the Carp Riverwalk, a project in the exploration phase about creating a one kilometer loop on the City-owned land below the Diefenbunker.  It would have all-season use for people to enjoy walking, jogging, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing along the Carp River.

FCR Board Member Mary greeted people at the door and talked to them about the Carp Riverwalk project.

Setting the trail.

Pick your method of transport!

Bernard signed out snowshoes.

29 Feb – Carp Riverwalk Snowshoe & Ski

Join Us at the HCA’s Carp Winter Carnival

The Friends of the Carp River are helping the Huntley Community Association (HCA) with a snowshoe and cross-country ski event on Saturday, 29 February between 10am and 4pm.  The event takes place on land below the Diefenbunker, where a snowshoe trail and a ski trail will be marked for participants.  This is a great family activity for all ages to enjoy nature and celebrate the beauty of winter. 

For those without equipment, HCA will have a limited number of snowshoes (6 adult, 6 children) to borrow that you can sign out at the Mess Hall at 2240 Craig’s Side Road registration desk.  You will then be directed to the site and its trails.

The event is being held to raise awareness of an exciting new project in our community, the Carp RiverwalkOur River, Our Heritage, Our Well-being.  The Friends of the Carp River are exploring the development of a pedestrian trail along the river below the Diefenbunker for pedestrian recreation and appreciation of Carp’s own little river.

Find out more about the Carp Winter Carnival. At the Mess Hall, there will be a fire pit, chili contest, and more!




Find out more about the Carp Riverwalk.