CRRP Study – Project Objectives

The FCR, landowners and other Carp residents, the “project team”, have come together to develop this project. A number of objectives were developed based on a series of discussions amongst the group, with priority on measures that would restore the environmental health of the river and its stream side environment. The following objectives were identified:

• Re-establish the natural morphological characteristics of the river segment;

• Manage stormwater runoff and sediment loading from offsite through a storm water management facility;

• Improve fish and other aquatic habitats;

• Enhance wetland habitat;

• Improve water quality;

• Plant the streamside environment with woody trees and shrubs;

• Reduce the suitability of existing aquatic habitats for geese;

• Consider the establishment of a trail system, limited public parking and possibly an outdoor skating rink;

• Reduce the extent/duration of flooding on existing farmland;

• Improve the productivity of farmland adjacent to the river;

• Limit livestock access to the river by fencing;

• Improved aesthetics.

The project team also agreed that the project should be used as a demonstration of the benefits of partnerships and good land stewardship. Promotion of the project should be sought through some public consultative measures to make local residents aware of the project and measures such as interpretive signage and guided tours should be considered to show others the project under development and in its completed state. The project team reviewed and discussed several alternative projects leading to the selection of a preferred alternative, based on ability of each alternative to meet the project objectives.