Carp River Restoration Site Path South of Hwy 417

Looking southeast from Palladium Drive.

Restoration of the Carp River continues south of the Queensway to Hazeldean Road.  A 2 kilometer paved path runs along the river with side paths and loops around storm water management ponds.  Poole Creek empties into the Carp River north of Maple Grove Road.  The pathway lies mostly in open meadows in the floodplain and runs adjacent to businesses in the Palladium Drive area. 


The pathway is divided into three sections by two busy roadways:  Maple Grove Road and Palladium Drive.  There are no pedestrian crossings so cross carefully.

Crossing at Maple Grove Drive looking north.

Each section is different.  The area along Walter Baker Park is the longest and the quietest.  Various paths from the park join the main pathway along the river, which runs through a mix of floodplain meadow and woodland edges of willows, ash, and red osier dogwood, changing to open meadow near Maple Grove Drive.


Large storm water pond looking north from the side path.

The middle section, between Maple Grove Road and Palladium Drive, is very open and distinguished by two ponds.  Both ponds are good places to view shore and water birds.  The large storm water pond to the south is accessed by taking a left at the fork over the bridge.  This side path loops around the pond, offering scenic panoramas and a view of Poole Creek, before returning to the bridge and main pathway.


The section between Palladium Drive and the Queensway is nestled between a business park and the Canadian Tire Centre.  The pathway terminates in a parking lot behind an athletic club.  A continuous wall of vegetation runs along the southeast side of the path with typical floodplain edge plants that prefer moist conditions:  Nannyberry, poplars, willows, red osier dogwood, Manitoba Maple, grape vines, Green Ash, and American Elm. 

To access the restoration area’s southern pathway, park at Walter Baker Park behind the sports facility or at the ball diamonds on Maple Grove Road or at the soccer field parking lot on Hazeldean Road just north of the bridge.

Carp River Pathway south of the Queensway. (Image from Google Earth.)