Carp Riverwalk (2019+)

Our River, Our Heritage, Our Well-Being

In partnership with the Huntley Community Association, the Friends of the Carp River have developed a pedestrian trail along the river below the Diefenbunker in the village of Carp.  Called the Carp Riverwalk, the trail offers all-season use for people to enjoy walking, jogging, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing along the Carp River.

Pedestrian Pathways (Carp Community Design Plan 2012). Click to enlarge.

The concept for the trail dates back many years.  In the 2012 Carp Community Design Plan, it shows up as a possible future pathway that runs from Craig’s Side Road to Donald B. Munro Drive.  Our project focuses only on the part of the trail that is located on City-owned land along the river beside the Diefenbunker Museum grounds.  It may also include the area between Carp Road and the museum grounds for pedestrian access to the Mess Hall to create a larger loop.  Extending the trail to the village core is dependent on future development.The 

The trail is a short walk from the village of Carp.  It serves recreation, health/well-being, heritage, and environment purposes.  It is both a link to physical activity and a connection to village heritage and the natural world.

People can access the trail from the museum parking lot, the parking lot at Craig’s Side Road, or from the Mess Hall.   There are two short loops and a longer 1.5 km loop.  Walking the loops surrounded by nature – trees, grass, and water – is good for the body, mind, and spirit.

Future plans depend on how much the trail is used, feedback, and funding.  Ideas include adding interpretive signs to provide information about the Carp River, the former CFS Carp, and village history.  Views from the trail provide unique vantage points for bunker structures. A portion of the land was used as the septic lagoon during CFS operation, the outline of which can still be seen in satellite photos.  Historical use of the Carp River in the village can also be profiled.

Diefenbunker garage.
The outline of two septic lagoons can be seen in satellite image (Google Earth, 2005).
Culverts need to be replaced with buffer planting.






There are opportunities for remediation of runoff from the site into the Carp River and for landscaping with native species that support pollinators and enhance the riparian buffer.

The land is administered by the Huntley Community Association (HCA) under its agreement with the City of Ottawa.  We are working with the HCA and the Diefenbunker Museum, and will be involving the community and other village organizations as plans progress.

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We’ve been planting along the river by the Diefenbunker since the 1990’s.