Upper Carp River (Carp Creek) Pathway

Carp Creek looking towards Terry Fox Drive.

Between Eagleson Road and Terry Fox Drive lies a 1.7 km scenic paved pathway along the upper Carp River, along called Carp Creek.  The former City of Kanata did an excellent job making sure that the river was accessible on public land along its length through the Glen Cairn development.  The path starts in Ravine Park near the river’s headwaters and runs southwest through forests, over bridges, beside ball diamonds and soccer fields, and behind houses, ending at culverts under Terry Fox Drive.  Park at Hope Cloutier Park or Clarence Maheral Park, both on Old Colony Road.

The red outline shows the area where a scenic 1.7 km path runs along the upper Carp River through Glen Cairn. (Image from Google Earth.)