The Carp Trail at Fitzroy Provincial Park

Partial view of Fitzroy Provincial Park Map from the Park’s web site.

The mouth of the Carp River empties into the Ottawa River at Fitzroy Provincial Park near Fitzroy Harbour.  The park’s Carp Trail is easily accessed at the bridge over the river and runs a short distance along the bank before looping east into the interior. The mouth of the river can be viewed from a nearby swimming beach.
The park is also worth visiting for its population of Slippery Elms by the waterfall on the Terrace Trail, for it large White Pines and Hemlocks along the main road, and for its 200+ year old Bur Oaks, which line the banks of the river in the Pine Grove Campground.
In season the park is open with paid admission from May through October.  During winter months, the park is open and free for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Bridge over the Carp River at Fitzroy Provincial Park