Carp River Restoration Site Path Along Terry Fox Drive

Between Richardson Side Road and the Queensway lies a 2 km length of the Carp River that was restored in 2016-2018 with meanders, three wet meadows, and a habitat pond.  A paved path with bridges provides an opportunity to walk near the river and restored wetlands.  The path is unfinished at its east end, because construction on the east side of the site is not complete.  In 2020/2021 the Campeau Drive extension across the river will be built and the path loop’s east end will then be connected to provide 4 km for walking, cycling, and winter pedestrian recreation.  Until then about 2.5 km of the path is currently available:  along the habitat pond and on the north and south sides of the river, where both end in vegetation – see the map below.
Park at Insmill Park.  Walk 175m to the Kanata Avenue intersection and cross at the traffic lights to the path system.

Most of the pathway system at the Carp River Restoration area is open for use, but the section at the east end is not available due to construction of the Campeau Drive Extension. (Image from Google Earth.)
Wet meadow seen from the path on the north side of the river.


The Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club identified the restoration site as one of the top four places in Ottawa to view shore birds.  Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons are particularly numerous.  Ospreys fly over the open water hunting for fish.


A 2 km section of the river was also restored on the south east side of the Queensway, but the pathway system there is less developed.  Park at the Kanata Recreation Complex on Terry Fox Drive or at the ball diamond parking lot on Hazeldean Road just north of the bridge over the Carp River to access a path along the river.

Check out our Videos page for two drone clips flying over the restoration area.