Fishing the Carp River at Fitzroy Provincial Park

People do fish the Carp River.  We have limited knowledge about when they fish and what they catch.  We know that large Carp spawn near the Huntmar Drive bridge and that Gar hang out at the mouth of the river where it empties into the Ottawa River.  We’ve also seen people fishing in the spring in Fitzroy Provincial Park (see photo above taken in April 2018).

If you have first hand information about fishing in the Carp River, let us know and we can add it to this page.

For more information:

The Carp River Watershed/Subwatershed Study (2004) lists the species found in the river.  See pages 58 through 61.

Fishing the Carp River – an angler’s atlas showing what’s been caught in the Carp River.

Fishing regulations and licenses apply.

Cyprinus carpio – Common Carp spawning in the habitat pond at the Carp River Restoration site.