There are three publicly-owned places where one can walk along/near the Carp River:  at the Carp River Restoration site in Kanata, in Glen Cairn along Carp Creek, and in Fitzroy Provincial Park in Fitzroy Harbour.

 Carp River Restoration Site Path Along Terry Fox Drive

Between Richardson Side Road and the Queensway lies a 2 km length of the Carp River that was restored in 2016-2018 with meanders, three wet meadows, and a habitat pond.  A paved path with bridges provides an opportunity to walk near the river and restored wetlands.  Learn more.


Upper Carp River (Carp Creek) Pathway

Between Eagleson Road and Terry Fox Drive lies a 1.7 km scenic paved pathway along the upper Carp River, also called Carp Creek.  Learn more.



The Carp Trail at Fitzroy Provincial Park

Fitzroy Provincial Park’s Carp Trail is easily accessed at the bridge over the river and runs a short distance along the bank before looping east into the interior.  Learn more.