Public Meeting on Next Phase of Arcadia Development

Originally published in July 2018.

Many people don’t know that more houses will be built between the south side of the Carp River and the existing houses in Arcadia on what used to be the floodplain of the river.  At the public meeting on 12 July we learned: 

  • There are two storm water management ponds. The larger one to the north is 8 ha and it must be built first in 2019/2020 to establish elevation.
  • In Stages 3 and 4, 455 residential units will be built, a mix of singles and townhomes.  Stage 3 planned occupancy is 2021; Stage 4 is 2024.
  • There are currently no plans to build Stage 5 (although this may change). It lies in the floodplain and there are “soil challenges”.
  • Feedmill Creek with be “restored” (with developer funds) and pathways created on either side.  The work will be done by the City in 2020.
  • The park is 6 ha.  Half of the park will be built in 2020/2021; the other half near river will need to be pre-loaded and allowed to settle.  The land will need to be raised by 3 to 4 meters.
  • The future LRT corridor is at the south end, between Campeau and the Queensway. It will cross the Carp River and run parallel to Feedmill Creek.
  • Stage 2 is commercial development south of Campeau Drive: 2 hotels, 2 restaurants, and a hotel in 2018/2019.