Concrete Batch Processing Plant Proposed for Carp Road Site

Originally published in December 2018

Huntley Creek may be threatened by a Concrete Batch Processing Plant proposed for 2596 Carp Road.  Huntley Creek is one of the City’s few cold water creeks and a tributary of the Carp River. Despite setbacks from the floodplain and vegetative buffers, discharge from the plant – planned or unplanned – could affect the creek’s temperature and introduce pollutants. There are also risks to groundwater and nearby wells.

The development proposed in the Site Plan application includes a concrete batching plant, site parking, truck parking, outdoor aggregate storage, and an outdoor wash rack. The plant will increase heavy truck traffic on an already congested section of Carp Road.

The subject property is currently zoned Rural General Industrial which permits a variety of industrial uses, but does not permit a concrete batching plant. The Zoning By-law Amendment application requests that a concrete batching plant be included as an additional permitted use to the subject property in order to accommodate the development on the property.

The target date the application will be considered by the City’s Agricultural and Rural Affaires Committee, is February 7, 2019.  Residents are encouraged to voice their concerns to Councillor El-Chantiry and to the City’s planner, who can be contacted via the Site Plan application web site.