2018 News and Events

December 2018 – Concrete Batch Processing Plant Proposed for Carp Road Site

Huntley Creek may be threatened by a Concrete Batch Processing Plant proposed for 2596 Carp Road.  Huntley Creek is one of the City’s few cold water creeks and a tributary of the Carp River. Despite setbacks from the floodplain and vegetative buffers, discharge from the plant – planned or unplanned – could affect the creek’s temperature and introduce pollutants. There are also risks to groundwater and nearby wells.

The development proposed in the Site Plan application includes a concrete batching plant, site parking, truck parking, outdoor aggregate storage, and an outdoor wash rack. The plant will increase heavy truck traffic on an already congested section of Carp Road.

The subject property is currently zoned Rural General Industrial which permits a variety of industrial uses, but does not permit a concrete batching plant. The Zoning By-law Amendment application requests that a concrete batching plant be included as an additional permitted use to the subject property in order to accommodate the development on the property.

The target date the application will be considered by the City’s Agricultural and Rural Affaires Committee, is February 7, 2019.  Residents are encouraged to voice their concerns to Councillor El-Chantiry and to the City’s planner, who can be contacted via the Site Plan application web site.

12 July 2018 – Public Meeting on Next Phase of Arcadia Development

Many people don’t know that more houses will be built between the south side of the Carp River and the existing houses in Arcadia on what used to be the floodplain of the river.  At the public meeting on 12 July we learned: 

  • There are two storm water management ponds. The larger one to the north is 8 ha and it must be built first in 2019/2020 to establish elevation.
  • In Stages 3 and 4, 455 residential units will be built, a mix of singles and townhomes.  Stage 3 planned occupancy is 2021; Stage 4 is 2024.
  • There are currently no plans to build Stage 5 (although this may change). It lies in the floodplain and there are “soil challenges”.
  • Feedmill Creek with be “restored” (with developer funds) and pathways created on either side.  The work will be done by the City in 2020.
  • The park is 6 ha.  Half of the park will be built in 2020/2021; the other half near river will need to be pre-loaded and allowed to settle.  The land will need to be raised by 3 to 4 meters.
  • The future LRT corridor is at the south end, between Campeau and the Queensway. It will cross the Carp River and run parallel to Feedmill Creek.
  • Stage 2 is commercial development south of Campeau Drive: 2 hotels, 2 restaurants, and a hotel in 2018/2019.

19 June 2018 – Carp River Wetland Environmental Area

The Carp River restoration site – now called the Carp River Wetland Environment Area – along Terry Fox Drive was officially opened by Councillor Marianne Wilkinson and Mayor Jim Watson.  Under an agreement between the City of Ottawa and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), the area will become a living classroom for education about wetlands.  As a start, the first four interpretive signs have been installed along the beginning of the trail near Arcadia.  The sign content was developed by third year Carleton University students taking the group environmental science project course.  Together with the Ottawa Stewardship Council we sponsored the Carp River group project. The trails are not finished, but most of the network is complete. You can access them at the end of Campeau Drive from Huntmar Drive.

June 2018 – EcoTrek Mobile App for the Carp River Restoration site

In partnership with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and the Ottawa Stewardship Council, we are supporting the development of a downloaded mobile application for your phone called EcoTrek that will highlight features along the Carp River Restoration site’s pathways as you travel along them.  It will draw the visitor’s attention to landmarks, eco-zones, vegetation types, bird and turtle habitat, etc.  And it’s set up as a game with points added to your backpack as you learn about the river so that it will appeal to kids, families, and educators.  For more information, see the OSC’s EcoTrek article.

4 June 2018 – Volunteers Needed For Tree Planting

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority is planting trees on the Carp River Restoration site in Kanata on Monday, 4 June starting at 10am. 

April 2018 – Carp River in Spring Flood Conditions

Here’s a beautiful photo by Sue Prior of the Carp River near Huntmar Drive on a tranquil evening.

In comparison, here’s the churning river at Fitzroy Provincial Park taken near its mouth where it enters the Ottawa River.